Coronavirus UPDATE

There is no substitute for LIVE human interaction but technology can provide opportunities that would otherwise be missed – this is particularly true during these trying times of coronavirus isolation.

Following the government advice we have now migrate all our 1-to-1 lessons to Skype lessons.

French courses by Skype and telephone with Bonjour Academy will help you to build your French language skills quickly and effectively. Our teachers are professionally trained instructors with huge experience in a range of topics, including business French for corporate situations, general conversation and exam preparation.

We believe that the key to successful French lessons is to have a teacher who encourages you to speak, helping you to feel confident when using French in a range of situations. Our teachers will help you to build confidence in speaking, writing, listening and grammar, while correcting mistakes that you make. After each lesson you will receive a detailed lesson report that will show your progress and areas that need to be improved.

Each of our lessons is designed for our individual student’s needs. We will create a language course that will address your unique requirements and help you to succeed.

Stay safe and make the most of your self isolation.